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Mother’s Day 2010

29 May

I’ve mentioned previously that I would like to start a tradition of making handbag cakes for Mother’s Day. This year I made two, one for my mother in-law and one for her sister who is a great friend and almost like another mother to me, as my family is all the way over in Western Australia. My 11 year old daughter has informed me that I need to make my cakes into a business so she can take over the family business and she made me a handbag cake too (with a lot of help from me). She did a fantastic job. These cakes are all banana cake with buttercream icing. I made them into mini cakes and I’m glad I did as my banana cake is so soft that the RTR icing is really too heavy for it.

What did I learn?

Banana cake is too soft for even small carved cakes (or at least mine is).

I loved having my daughter help, although it felt like I had actually made 3 cakes.

I’d also like to direct you to Cupcake Envy, where I got the inspiration for the mini cakes (or Cakelets as Cupcake Envy say)


A New Mother’s Day Tradition

22 Apr

I had seen so many nice handbags that I wanted to try a few. So for Mother’s Day 2009 I made 3. One for my Mother in-law, one for my Aunty in-law and one for myself. I enjoyed making them so much that I’ve decided to do that again this year.

These were made with vanilla butter cake with vanilla butter cream icing then covered in RTR icing.

What did I learn?

I loved making them.

I needed to practice the harder shapes. My mother in-laws cake didn’t quite turn out how I envisioned.

I needed to buy a special tool for the zipper and quilting. I used the end of a pair of tweezers but it would have been quicker with the correct tools.

I need to try some other kinds of cake. Butter cake is nice but I need something more dense and longer lasting for the harder cakes.

I can’t wait for Mother’s Day 2010 to try my hand at some different styled handbags.

Black is hard to make from white icing. Since then I’ve learned that it’s best to start with chocolate RTR icing.