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Cherry Blossom Cake

15 Apr

I love the gorgeous simplicity of this Cherry Blossom Cake. This one in particular was inspired by Pink Cake Box.



Ruffled Wedding Cake with Pink and White Flowers

5 Apr

I love this cake. It turned out so well especially considering I’ve been on ‘maternity leave’ for the last 6 months.


A Box of Roses

29 May

I recently made this cake for my mother in-laws birthday. My cakes are getting cleaner in appearance, or at least I hope so. The roses took me a week to make, at a couple of hours a night, as my small baby doesn’t like me to put her down. This cake is a caramel mud cake with white chocolate ganache. My sister in-law gave me the black icing as she had some spare from a previous cake she had made. She’s made some great cakes and is just setting up her blog if you would like to check it out.

What did I learn?

To make extra flowers. One of the wires fell out of a flower and I thought it would look alright but it didn’t so I had to push the wire back in. It stayed for as long as I needed it too, but it wouldn’t have been a problem if I had’ve taken the time to make a few extra roses.

My recipe for Caramel Mud Cake was yummy but not as dense as a normal mud cake. The recipe is almost the same as a white chocolate mud cake except for brown sugar instead of castor sugar so if I make the white chocolate mud cake and substitute the sugar it should turn out more dense. I’ll let you know next time I make one.

My First Entry into a Show

2 May

I was asked by a friend to enter a cake into the Doveton Show Cake Decorating Competition. I love the whole black and white thing and had been wanting to try some of these ‘fantasy flowers’ that I had seen on the Confetti Cakes blog. This is the cake I came up with.

First present cake

2 May

This is my favourite cake, so far. I loved making the delicate flowers and the colours came together well. The cake was vanilla butter cake with vanilla butter cream icing. The flowers are rose buds, violets, sweet peas, rose leaves and white filler flowers.  Definitely my kind of cake. This is the kind of cake I could make all the time.

What did I learn?

That you never have as many flowers as you think you need. I thought I’d made far too many flowers but I had just enough for the job.

I need to practice my edges, they were a bit too rounded which is not really box-like.

This was my first bow. I need a bit of practice with bows, too.

More Practice and a Baby Shower Cake

12 Apr

As I mentioned previously I like making figures and flowers so I was practicing making a baby for my sister-in-laws baby shower. In the end I was really sick the week before the baby shower so I didn’t get to do exactly what I wanted but I still think it turned out okay. The cake is Vanilla butter cake with pink butter cream icing and fondant flowers and baby. Some of the flowers I had made previously with all my practice but most I made the morning of the baby shower. I’d even tried my hand at making the modelling paste. It turned out fine but probably a little opaque. It didn’t have quite the same consistency as bought stuff. Everyone loved the fact that the baby on the cake had little butt cheeks under its blanket. To me, this cake looked like a little bit of Spring.

What did I learn?

I need to practice faces. The practice baby looks a little bug-eyed.

Butter cream icing with fondant decorations looks really nice.

I can make modelling paste if I need to, but I like using the store-bought stuff.